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Initiating a PR Sponsorship

Initiating the Permanent Residency Sponsorship Process

OIE-Immigration Services will assist the hiring department in determining the best "path" to process a request for permanent residency (PR) for an international employee.

First, the hiring department (supervisor) and the international employee being sponsored will need to read the PR Process Information Sheet. Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have specific questions.

Second, after each party has read the PR Process information, the department representative (hiring authority or designee) must request access to the Immigration Services office "iStart" portal. All our PR sponsorship request forms are completed and submitted through this portal. Click on the link below for "iStart Access Instructions", and follow the instructions to receive access to iStart.

To view a recorded PowerPoint presentation about how iStart works, click on the link below for "iStart Information - PowerPoint (recorded)". When the PowerPoint opens, Click on "Start Slideshow", and then click on "From the Beginning"

Note that you must complete and submit the forms online in iStart. We cannot accept paper printed copies.

These forms are the first step in the sponsorship process. They provide relevant information and required documents that allow us to determine the most appropriate category of employment-based permanent residency sponsorship for your international employee.

The department representative will act as a liaison to our office and will serve as the primary point of contact as we guide the sponsoring Department through the various procedures required by the Department of Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Depending on the category of PR sponsorship, the department may need to re-advertise the employee's position and review all applications submitted for the position in order to meet Department of Labor requirements. If a qualified U.S. worker is found through this recruitment, the PR sponsorship cannot continue. The re-advertisement process is strictly controlled by the Department of Labor, and you will receive specific instructions on the type and content of ads that will need to be placed. *If your department is not willing to undergo this re-advertising process you must inform our office immediately*.

All international employees seeking an employer-based PR sponsorship from this office will be asked in their initial interview if they have any issues or problems that could have a negative impact on their application for permanent residency. Should this be the case the individual may be advised to seek an outside attorney for assistance at their own expense. The PR process is employer-based and the applicant should not be involved unless specifically requested to provide information required for the application.

Important note:These procedures are specific to the process used to file petitions through sponsorship by the University of Georgia. Information contained herein should not be considered valid for people filing applications that are NOT University sponsored. Immigration Services is the only office on campus to have signature authority for any federal documents related to permanent residency. The State Attorney General has prohibited the signing of form G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative by any other campus representative.

Initiating a PR Sponsorship

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