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J-1 Student-Interns

The U.S. Department of State allows students who are enrolled in degree programs at home universities (in other countries) to be sponsored for an intern position, for up to 12 months duration, in the U.S. The internship may be with or without wages, however the student must provide evidence of personal or outside funding sufficient to cover all travel, health insurance, and living expenses, for the duration of the internship.

The sponsoring department or faculty member at UGA must agree to supervise and train the student, and provide the Immigration Services office with evidence of that training plan.

If you are enrolled in a student enrolled in a degree program abroad and wish to come to UGA for a research or training internship, please see our Student-Intern Information Sheet.

Sponsoring a J-1 Student-Intern

In order to sponsor an international student-intern, the sponsoring UGA Department representative must complete and submit a student-intern visa sponsorship request through the iStart portal.  Please see the iStart Departmental User Guide for instructions on how to access iStart and submit the visa sponsorship request.

You must also obtain a UGA ID# for the student-intern: Requesting a UGA ID # for your Visiting Student-intern

Following receipt of the application form, we will be in touch with the student-intern to request their personal information. Finally, we will contact the department concerning additional paperwork and required signatures.

For more information on the J-1 Student - Intern program, please visit the US State Department website.

To see a "real-world" video interview with a student-intern from Germany, click here.

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