Hiring an H-1B Researcher, Faculty or Staff member

The Immigration Services Office manages visa sponsorship processing for international researchers, faculty and staff members coming to UGA for academic research or employment purposes. In general, we use the H-1B temporary worker visa category for these teaching and staff positions. The duration of employment can be between one year and six years, and we can also initiate a U.S. permanent residency sponsorship if the position is full-time and permanent.

H-1B requests are initiated through our online iStart portal at istart.uga.edu.  The H-1B sponsorship request e-forms are split into two sections.  The first section must be completed by the sponsoring UGA department representative, and the second section must be completed by the international employee.

For information relating to the H-1B sponsorship process, please click on the links below:

H-1B Visa sponsorship Process Overview

H-1B Maintenance of Status Details

H-1B Travel Information

H-4 Family Dependent Information

Please see the following links for instructions on beginning an H-1B request: