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J-1 Sponsoring Process

In order to come to the University of Georgia as an international scholar, you must be invited, hired, or appointed by a UGA department, office, School, or Institute.


Immigration Services policies regarding eligibility for the J-1 categories of sponsorship include the following:

  1. UGA funded J-1 scholar or professor sponsorship is limited to the following non-tenure track, and non-permanent positions:
    • Research Professional IV
    • Professor
    • Associate Professor
    • Assistant Professor
    • Instructor
    • Lecturer
    • Academic Professional.
  2. Outside (non-UGA) funded J-1 sponsorship requires the person to hold at least one advanced post-Baccalaureate degree, or to be an active candidate for a PhD degree.
  3. Specialist category candidates do not have a degree requirement per se, but need to meet all category requirements
  4. Cases that fall outside these parameters must be reviewed for approval by the Immigration Services Director.

Required Paperwork and Visa Application

Your sponsoring department at UGA must contact us to begin the necessary immgration paperwork. Once they complete our online request form, you will receive an automatic e-mail notification with a web link to your required online information form. When both these information forms have been submitted to our office, our immigration advisor will create an immigration record for you in the government's SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) database, and issue a DS-2019 form. Your sponsoring department will need to mail the original form to you. You will need to use the information on the form to pay the required SEVIS fee (see below for more information on this), and will need to have the original form in order to apply for a J-1 exchange visitor visa from the US Embassy or Consulate.

Note: Canadian citizens are exempt from the requirement to apply for the visa from the embassy, however they must have the correct DS-2019 form in order to enter the United States as a J-1 exchange visitor.

You will need to make an appointment at the US consulate or embassy nearest to where you live. You can find a list of US embassies here: each and he will have its own procedure for allowing people to make visa application appointments.

SEVIS Fee Information:

All J-1 visa applicants must pay a SEVIS fee before they apply for the J-1 visa. This fee is in addition to the visa application fee payable to the US consulate. For information on this fee please click here:

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