New Online Fellowship Portal Launches

The U.S. Department of State and IREX are excited to announce the launch of the new online Fellowship Portal for the Mandela Washington Fellowship.  The Fellowship Portal will provide a unique opportunity to bring the Fellowship’s nearly 4,400 Alumni, selected finalist and alternate candidates for the 2021 Fellowship, Reciprocal Exchange Awardees, and selected Fellowship Partners together to virtually explore strategies for leading in times of crisis and shifting paradigms.

The Washington Mandela Fellowship at the University of Georgia, in collaboration with the Fanning Institute, Grady College and the College of Public Health, is proud to share that it has been involved in creating a health communication module for the platform. UGA Mandela Fellow alumni, Shingai Gwatidzo, will be presenting UGA’s course, Increasing the Effectiveness of Public Health Campaigns and Crisis Communication, which launched on July 29, 2020. Gwatidzo, from Zimbabwe, attended the program in 2019.

UGA’s module was developed based on the critical need for community partners who can effectively communicate public health guidance and risk information. Public health communications, particularly those undertaken in a crisis, need to engage individuals and communities in clear, effective, and meaningful ways. A large and growing body of evidence indicates that the most effective campaigns and communications account for local needs, values, and resources, with particular concern for how those needs, values, and resources impact behavior during times of crisis.

This course (1) provides participants with an overview of key principles for effective public health campaigns and crisis communication; (2) introduces participants to key community engagement concepts and insights for adapting public health campaigns and communications in light of local needs, values, and resources; and (3) identifies ways to use the principles of crisis communication to change behavior and improve public health crisis outcomes. 

For more information, please contact Brian Watkins, Director of the Mandela Fellowship at UGA @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.