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Watch UGA student Cory Hire's award-winning study abroad video!

In summer 2016, Hire participated in the Surfing & Sustainability study abroad program at UGA Costa Rica. His video won first place in the video category of UGA's 2016 International Photo & Video Contest — and it's easy to see why! Join Hire on his adventures both above ground and under water as you view his unique study abroad experience.

  • From my time in Morocco, I have found myself motivated to do two things: one, pursue a career in International Education, and two, really think about what we qualify work as, and figure out how to broaden the scope to appreciate and sustain all types of work that keep our world going.

    I would like to thank the Kay Family for your financial support of my study abroad trip to Morocco. I hope I am a positive representation of a study abroad scholar. Your award is greatly appreciated.
    Aerion Ward Kay Family Scholarship Recipient
  • When I signed up for the UGA en Buenos Aires program, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I truly didn’t understand how my day-to-day life would pan out … In Argentina, we had time to explore and engage ourselves in the culture by simply being among the portenos – the people of Buenos Aires. My seven-week experience was filled with history, social awareness, hands-on learning, and complete cultural immersion.

    My OIE scholarship gave me the opportunity to open myself up … I was able to relate to so many of the people I encountered despite our cultural and linguistic differences.
    Sehar Ali Katherine John Murphy Foundation Scholarship Recipient
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