Proposing Cooperative Agreements

Although much collaboration can flourish in the absence of any institutional agreement, sometimes it can be beneficial or even necessary to formalize an institutional relationship with a cooperative agreement. As indicators of an institutional commitment to a relationship, these agreements help bring parties to the table or gather funding. Cooperative agreements can also limit the exposure of the partners and resolve misunderstandings before they become problematic. More complex agreements serve to define relevant program structures, funding responsibilities, and the respective rights and liabilities of the partners.

All international cooperative agreements at UGA are subject to the review and approval of the respective department and college, International Education, Legal Affairs, and the Provost, and the President signs these agreements as the official, legal University representative serving by and on behalf of the Board of Regents. In order to initiate institutional review of a proposed ICA, a faculty member should submit a Proposal for an International Cooperative Agreement. Although this proposal is automatically forwarded to the faculty member's home department head and dean, it is recommended that faculty members first discuss proposals with their home units to gauge support for the collaboration.

If you are interested in seeing some of the questions presented on the form, there is a PDF version available. However, please note that interested faculty need to submit the proposal through the online ICA Proposal Form.

International Partnerships staff use this proposal to vet the partnership and assess the institutional benefit to UGA. In evaluating the partnership, we will consider the following questions:

    - What are the expected outcomes of the proposed relationship?

    - What planning, communication or collaboration has already occurred?

    - What are the benefits to UGA's different stakeholders?

    - How would the partnership support UGA's mission or enhance areas of priority at UGA?

    - Is the faculty member, department and/or college committed to a sustained partnership?

    - What is the potential for expanding the partnership beyond its original scope?

    - How would the partnership complement existing international collaboration at UGA?

    - What are the financial implications of the proposed partnership?

    - How would a formal agreement enhance the partnership?

If an agreement is approved, International Partnerships staff can proceed with negotating the cooperative agreement and obtaining signatures. For further information on this process, please see our Negotiating Cooperative Agreements section. If you have any questions about proposing international cooperative agreements, please do not hesitate to contact the International Partnerships Coordinator (706-542-0452).