Proposing Student Exchanges

Reciprocal student exchange programs are developed in order to enable the exchange, usually 1:1, of students between the University of Georgia and a partner institution abroad. Incoming international exchange students are admitted to UGA as non-degree seeking students; likewise, outgoing UGA students enroll as transient students at an approved partner institution and transfer completed coursework back to UGA. In addition to the procedures outlined in the Proposing Cooperative Agreements section, student exchanges are subject to further review by a student exchange committee comprised of UGA faculty and staff. Among other things, the committee will consider academic rigor, program viability and fit, and risk management. Interested faculty should keep the following considerations in mind:

- UGA students on exchange must be undertaking academically rigorous coursework in a properly accredited institution.

- Exchange agreements should be financially self-sufficient. The exchange must balance in terms of the number of participants as well as their length of stay. An outgoing UGA student pays regular tuition and fees while on exchange, which is used to cover the costs of an incoming student. The partner institution undertakes a similar arrangement. As such, there must be sufficient demand at each university to attend the partner institution.

- If the language of instruction at the partner is not English, there needs to be a sufficient number of UGA students with language ability to excel in coursework at the partner. Non-native English speakers coming to UGA must meet UGA's English requirements as well as any applicable departmental requirements.

- The partner institution's academic calendar must be compatible with that of UGA's.

- Certain UGA disciplines are in high demand worldwide. An exchange should not be based on an arrangement that allows or encourages inbound participants to concentrate in high demand academic course sequences without the permission of the specific UGA department and school involved.

- The exchange should offer opportunities to study in a region or country or a field of study not sufficiently served by other exchanges.

- Students must be studying and living in a safe environment and the exchange will be evaluated in light of any relevant U.S. Department of State travel warnings or advisories.

- Incoming exchange participants are required to pay the fees for UGA's mandatory health insurance policy.

- If homestays are to be used by the foreign institution, it should be agreed upon how the host institution plans to screen the families and place students. UGA's student exchange advisors will assist the incoming students in securing on-campus housing if desired and available. UGA does not provide homestays nor does it assist inbound international students in securing off-campus accommodations, except to provide an apartment listing.

- The UGA faculty member proposing the exchange must be willing to serve as an academic advisor to both incoming and outgoing exchange participants.

In order to initiate a new student exchange program, interested faculty must submit a UGA International Student Exchange Request for Approval form to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (706)542-2900, who chairs the Student Exchange Committee. The form should be submitted 12-15 months before the anticipated start date for the exchange. This means that exchanges that are proposed to start in the fall must be received by September 1 of the prior year and that spring exchanges should be submitted by January 15 of the prior year.

If a student exchange is approved, International Partnerships staff can handle negotiation and signature of exchange agreements. For further information on this process, please see our Proposing Cooperative Agreement ssection. If you have any questions about proposing a student exchange, please do not hesitate to contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (706)542-2900.

A list of UGA's current student exchange partners is available here.

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