Call for Conference Papers

The African Studies Institute, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, is accepting papers for its three-day International conference from November 5 – 7, 2014.  This year’s theme is “Gender and Development: Relics and Innovations in the African Realm.”

Gender and its impact on the social, economic, and political development of human societies is the subject of serious inquiries. A dominant concern in these inquiries is the establishment and/or improvement of gender equality within the society. Additionally, these inquiries also consider the many different variables that either contribute or deter the attainment of gender equality. Notwithstanding the criticism of over-emphasizing social differences, these inquiries continue to highlight the importance of gender equality to development. The convoluted and arduous history of state formation, slavery, colonialism, post-independence, nation-building and poverty reduction makes Africa and Its Diaspora appropriate venues for examining gender (equality) and development. Many African and African Diaspora societies struggle with the perplexing issue of gender and development. The prevailing inconsistency is due, in large part, to the dramatic but dominant influences of culture, religion, class and ethnicity. Existing simultaneously in these societies are the relics and innovations of both the advantageous and depraved impacts of gender and development. 

This conference aims to stimulate and document scholarly discussion on the complex issue of gender and development in Africa and Its Diaspora. The conference will offer a forum for intensive exchanges among participants from Africa, the United States, and elsewhere, to highlight both the gains and challenges of the extensive inquiries on gender and its impact on development within Africa and the African Diaspora.

Within the broad theme of the conference, potential topics for papers include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
- Language, Literature & Film
- Political Systems 
- Sustainable Agricultural and Environmental Development
- Applied Economics
- Social Studies
- Consumer Sciences
- Anthropology/Sociology
- Religion/Philosophy
- Education and Knowledge Transmission
- History
- Women Studies            
- Gender & Cultural Studies
- Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
- Africana Studies?
- Medicine & Healthcare Systems
- Public Health
- Musicology
- Nutrition 
- Legal and Judicial Systems
- Science and Technology
- Family, Household & Community
- Sports and recreation
- Business Administration & Planning
- Engineering
Abstracts/Panel proposals:
Each prospective presenter should submit electronically an abstract of 300 words or less to Felisters Kiprono at by Friday, May 30 (For UGA Faculty), 2014. Abstracts should include the presenter’s name, title of paper, institutional affiliation, and contact information (mailing address, phone number, and email address). Keywords and footnotes are not required. Please, note that submission of abstract automatically grants conference organizers the right to publish it in the conference program and website.

Conference deadlines:
May 30, 2014 (For UGA Faculty): Deadline for submitting abstracts
June  15, 2014 (For UGA Faculty): Notification of participants with accepted abstracts
September 1, 2014: Deadline for presenters (participants with accepted abstracts) to submit one of the following: 
- Complete paper (15 page limit with 12 size fonts), 
- A 3-5 page summary or outline of presentation
- A PowerPoint presentation of your paper.

Participants that fail to submit one of these three documents will not be able to present at the 
conference or be listed in the conference program. 

Conference Conveners:
Ibigbolade Aderibigbe   (
Husseina Dinani ( 
Karim Traore   (

Conference Coordinator: 
Felisters Kiprono ( 

Conference Contact:
African Studies Institute
201 Holmes/Hunter Academic Building
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602
706-583-0482 (Fax)

Note: The African Studies Institute will work with presenters from Africa to secure visas to the United States by providing invitation letters and other needed administrative assistance. 

Conference Registration:
The following are the conference registration deadlines and fees:
Early Registration
April 16 – June 16
$100 Regular
$50 Students (with proof of current student status)
Payment is expected upon acceptance of abstract. 
Participant with accepted abstracts (i.e. conference presenters) must be registered during this early registration period. 
Participants with accepted abstracts who do not register during this period will not be included in the conference program. 

Late Registration
June 17 – November 1
$130 Regular
$65 Students (with proof of current student status)
Onsite Registration
From November 2
$150 Regular
$75 Students (with proof of current student status)

The conference registration fee can be paid by any major credit card, Western Union, or a check (drawn in US dollars) payable to African Studies Institute, University of Georgia. 

Unfortunately, conference organizers cannot provide any assistance or sponsorship for conference participants. 

Conference Banquet only: $20
Only participants registered for the banquet by November 5 will be admitted to the event. 

Publication of Selected Papers
Selected conference papers will be published as a book.

Optional Athens Tour: An optional tour of the city of Athens will be organized for participants on Saturday, November 7. Participants interested in being part of this tour must indicate interest in writing to by November 1, 2014. There will be no late accommodation on the tour.