Dean’s Award for International Study

Dean’s Award for International Study

Source: This award is generously funded by the Graduate School under the direction of Dean Maureen Grasso.

Purpose : To cover a study abroad program’s loss of tuition revenue, making it viable for more UGA graduate students on assistantship to study abroad.

Note: Because UGA graduate assistants do not pay tuition for coursework (other than a $25 matriculation fee) and because UGA study abroad programs are often dependent on the tuition revenue generated by the credit hours in order to have the budget “make,” in the past, UGA study abroad programs often simply could not accept students on assistantship. This award provides funds to the program in place of tuition, thereby allowing more study abroad programs to accept graduate assistants and more UGA graduate students to study abroad. As a result, selected students do not receive any funds directly, and the award does not apply to non-UGA programs. Recipients must still pay the regular program fee just as do other graduate students and undergraduates; the program cannot discount or reduce the student's program fees as a result of this award.

Amount of award: An amount equal to either 3 or 6 hours’ tuition, depending on the number of hours for which the student will enroll

How paid: From the GraduateSchool restricted account, to be paid directly to the study abroad program, on behalf of an individual student

Deadline: March 1st, 2013 for 2013 Maymester or Summer programs (please send all documents to Kasee Clifton Laster, Office of International Education, 1324 South Lumpkin Street).

Overall guidelines for eligibility:

Ø Competitive – judged on the basis of academic merit and of the appropriateness and rigor of the proposed course of study

Ø Selection by a subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee for Study Abroad

Ø To be used on any UGA resident-credit program, Maymester or Summer, that offers courses for graduate credit

Ø Student must be in good academic standing with no incompletes, and making satisfactory academic progress in a degree-seeking program as documented by the graduate coordinator.

Ø Student applicant must be on a UGA assistantship, and wishing to attend a UGA Maymester or summer study abroad program


Ø Not open to transient or non-degree students, nor to students in the following professional programs: JD, LLM, MBA, MAcc, PharmD, DVM, nor to students paying tuition themselves (i.e., not on assistantship)

Ø Not to be used on behalf of TA’s working for the study abroad program itself

Ø Not open to students with current incompletes

Requirements from the student:

Ø A copy of the student’s completed application to the study abroad program

Ø Current transcript (OASIS print-outs are acceptable)

Ø Statement of purpose (one-page maximum): What are your objectives in studying abroad and in choosing this course and location?

Ø Syllabus or detailed plan of study; make sure to include the number of credit hours

Ø Upon return: statement (one-page maximum) on how the program made a difference in the student’s graduate education

Ø Upon return: as requested by the Graduate School, student will be willing to speak publicly to the university community and to selected external audiences about their experiences and knowledge gained during their international study

Requirements from the program:

Ø A letter from the study abroad program director indicating that the student will be accepted if funded

Ø Brief description of the study abroad program and the place of the graduate course within the program; if the student plans to take a 400/600 course, the director must address the course’s specific learning objectives for the graduate component and how these differ than those for undergraduate students

Ø C.V. of the faculty member who be providing the instruction if using non-UGA faculty; if using UGA faculty, must be have graduate faculty status; CV’s do not need to be provided for UGA faculty