International Education Leadership Conference

UGA is one of three schools awarded 2012 Innovation Grants from the Diversity Abroad Network. Sponsored by CAPA International Education, the grants are used to address issues of diversity, equity, and underrepresentation in international education. With this grant, the Office of International Education will host a half-day International Education Leadership Conference (IELC) on November 29th, 2012 for student leaders of multicultural/racially and ethnically diverse student organizations.

The IELC will include panel discussions which address underrepresentation in the study abroad field, scholarships, the benefits of education abroad, and an open panel discussion with OIE staff on promoting global education amongst multi-cultural students. During the conference, students will have an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the overall concept of study abroad and a chance to exchange ideas in an inclusive and safe environment. In providing the students examples of those who have been deeply impacted from their study abroad experience, this event will motivate them to do the same.

The IELC conference will serve as a launching pad for networking among the OIE staff and various UGA multi-cultural organizations. It will provide the opportunity for shared programming, shared resources, and a closer interaction between the students and the administration. We intend to provide the feedback gathered from this session, and the conference as a whole, with those in the international education field, consequently contributing to the greater need of bringing more global opportunities to underrepresented students.