Travelling to Cuba

The Cuban Assets Control Regulations were issued by the U.S. Government in 1963 against Cuba. These regulations are still in force today, and they restrict travel to Cuba except for certain individuals and purposes. The Office of International Education administers permission for academic travel to Cuba for the purposes of setting up or running a study abroad program(faculty and staff) and conducting researching leading to the degree (graduate students).

In order to apply for the permission, you must familiarize yourself with the Regulations. You may download them from the web site of the Office of Foreign Assets Control in Adobe PDF format.

After reading these regulations:

  1. Fill out an application completely, obtain all appropriate signatures,and submit it to Yana Cornish at OIE.
  2. If available, please also submit supporting materials for your travel, such as an invitation from a Cuban host or letter of support from your department head or dean.

The Associate Provost of International Education makes the final approval of applications to travel to Cuba. If approved, she will sign a notarized letter which you must carry with you at all times while traveling in Cuba. Please allow at least three weeks for your application to be processed.

If a group of individuals is going to Cuba, only one application is needed. Please appoint one responsible person to be in charge of the application, and include his/her name on the "list of all participants traveling to Cuba". This person will distribute the notarized letters to each individual.

Call Yana Cornish at 706-542-2900 with any questions. She will also be happy to mail hard copies of the application and regulations to you. If you are a faculty member seeking to travel to Cuba for research rather than study abroad, please call as well, as such travel is permitted (under a separate section of the regulations) in some specific cases.

Note: The Office of International Education administers the US government regulations only. We do not assisting in obtaining entry visas for Cuba.