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Hosting International Fulbright Scholars

Individual Fulbright grants are available for scholars to conduct research, lecture, or pursue combined lecturing and research in the United States. Under the regular Visiting Fulbright Scholar Program, scholars apply in their home country for Fulbright awards. U.S. campuses or American academics wishing to host a visiting scholar can initiate the process by:

  1. inviting the overseas colleague to consider spending a period of two months to an academic year at the institution;
  2. suggesting that the scholar contact the Fulbright commission or USIS post to obtain Fulbright application guidelines and determine deadlines that apply in that country; and
  3. providing the scholar with a detailed letter of invitation that spells out the tenure of the affiliation and the nature of the proposed endeavor and its relationship to the interests and activities of the department or institution here in the United States. The letter becomes part of the scholar's Fulbright application.

For more information, please visit the web site for the Council for International Exchange of Scholars.