Participation Statistics

  • UGA has approximately 100 faculty-led group programs awarding UGA resident credit and another two dozen non-traditional programs in which faculty arrange internships, independent research, or other individualized international experiences for students.
  • Our programs operate in approximately 50 countries each year (varies). Counting participants in external programs, UGA students study in 65-70 different countries each year.
  • UGA has faculty-led programs on every continent, including Antarctica .
  • Our oldest programs have been operating for over 40 years; children of program alumni are beginning to participate themselves.
  • Currently, just over 2,000 students, or nearly 6% of the entire campus enrollment (graduate and undergraduate) study abroad in a given year. About three-quarters of those chose either a UGA program or a UGA exchange partner.
  • Over a quarter of each graduating cohort studies abroad has studied abroad for academic credit at some point during college.
  • An additional 150-200 students from other universities transient enroll on UGA study abroad programs each year, forming 12% of the enrollment in UGA faculty-led programs and testifying to UGA's reputation for providing high quality international academic experiences.
  • Western Europe and Latin American remain the most popular destinations for UGA students. The fastest-growing areas in terms of participation, however, have in recent years been Asia and the Middle East, with Africa recently showing significant growth as well.
  • UGA offers breadth in other ways than just geography. We have study abroad programs for dozens of disciplinary areas. We have three residential centers ( Oxford , UK; Cortona , Italy; and San Luis, Costa Rica ) each with unique facilities and foci, and we offer some programs geared specifically to freshmen and sophomores as well as those well into their major curricula.
  • We have program lengths ranging from 10 days to a full semester, as well as full-year exchange partnerships; program offerings range across a variety of pedagogies including service-learning, lecture, tutorial, field work, internship, and laboratory experience.
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