Scholarships & Financial Aid

University of Georgia (UGA) students who have been awarded federal or state financial aid, including the HOPE or Zell Miller scholarships, or student loans, may use their financial aid to study abroad on a UGA study abroad or exchange program, as well as through external study abroad programs which have been approved for transfer credit by UGA and the Office of International Education. Eligible students may also work with the Office of Student Financial Aid to potentially update their official "cost of attendance" at UGA for the term abroad, in order to reflect the full cost of studying abroad. In addition, students may wish to explore merit and need-based scholarships and fellowships to help support the cost of a program abroad.

For Students Studying Abroad on UGA-sponsored Programs

UGA students studying abroad in UGA study abroad programs only need to meet the standard requirements to receive financial aid. Once accepted into a UGA-sponsored study abroad program, the UGA registration process is done the same as if on-campus, therefore, no additional paperwork for financial aid disbursement is required.

For Students Studying Abroad on UGA Exchange Programs and/or Approved External Programs

UGA students attending UGA exchange programs or approved study abroad programs sponsored by other universities or organizations must complete the Office of International Education Transfer Credit Approval (TCAF) prior to going abroad, as well as meet the standard requirements to receive financial aid. The Transfer Credit Approval is the official process students must follow to be approved to education abroad on an External/Non-UGA program, as well as maintain student and financial aid status at UGA while abroad.

Once a completed Transfer Credit Approval is on file in the Office of International Education, the disbursement of eligible financial aid can be scheduled through the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Student Accounts Office.  In general, financial aid can be released (via check or direct deposit) to students approximately 10 days prior to the start of the program abroad. 

Out-of-State Students on UGA Study Abroad and UGA Exchange Programs

Out-of-state students will be charged tuition at the in-state rate for the credits earned through a UGA-sponsored study abroad and UGA exchange program. Students participating in external/non-UGA programs are not charged tuition at UGA, but rather at the sponsoring institution or program provider.

Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial aid recipients must show measurable progress toward earning a degree by successfully completing 67% of the credit hours they have attempted at the University of Georgia, plus any approved transfer credit.  As the academic calendars at universities in other parts of the world vary from the calendar at UGA, delays in posting international transfer credit is common and may result in a temporary loss of financial aid eligibility until UGA receives the study abroad program transcript, processes the earned transfer credit and recalculates a student's Academic Progress.

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