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Faces of International Education: Jennifer Birch

Dr. Jennifer Birch

Faces of International Education

Our latest face of international education at the University of Georgia is Jennifer Birch, an archaeologist from Toronto, Canada, and an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology. Birch came to UGA in 2011 to pursue postdoctoral research.

"UGA offered me a chance to expand my intellectual community beyond the Canadian research circles I was accustomed to,” she says. While she was wrapping up her post-doc fellowship, she interviewed for a tenure-track position in archaeology at UGA and landed the job.

One of the joys of her work at UGA is teaching a summer field school in archaeology at a large Mississippian (a mound-building Native American civilization) town in southwest Georgia. Students gain hands-on experience investigating how the town expanded and contracted over its occupational history, and how changes in the site’s population are related to changes in social and political organization, including leadership, ceremony, and the construction of massive earthen mounds that are the hallmark of prehistoric Southeastern chiefdoms.

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