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Global Certificate Program

As we compete in a global economy, individuals who understand international issues will possess valuable skills needed in current and future employment opportunities.

OIE offers year round certificate training Global Certificate Program in conjunction with UGA Training and Development. The certificate series is designed to foster understanding of and appreciation for the importance of our international relationships, including: International students visiting UGA, UGA students abroad, International scholars sharing knowledge and expertise with the UGA community

Participants who attend the General Global Competencies workshop plus four additional workshops in the series will receive a certificate of completion.

The workshop series will benefit:

  • Faculty members who recruit, hire, and work with international scholars and researchers. 
  • Business and office managers who handle paperwork and interact with international students and scholars.
  • Faculty and Staff who run or are starting a study abroad program.
  • Anyone who desires to encourage understanding of other cultures wihtin the UGA community.

Workshop examples:

  • General global competencies(introductory program)
  • F-1 students
  • J-1 scholars
  • H-1B scholars
  • Hiring international students
  • Permanent residency issues
  • Study abroad financial training
  • UGA services for international students
  • Study abroad risk management
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • "Hot Topics" in international payroll and personnel issues
  • Study abroad nuts and bolts
  • Initiating bi-lateral cooperative agreements

To sign up for courses go to the Training and Development website For the most up to date information please visit the Training and Development website.