Message from the Associate Provost

The Office of International Education supports the University of Georgia’s academic, research, and outreach missions and strategic directions through the promotion of global learning experiences for our students, the sponsorship and support of international students, scholars, faculty and staff, and the development of international research and instructional partnerships and collaborations. We view internationalization as a comprehensive process that is woven into all aspects of the university’s mission: teaching, research, and service. We strive to engage a widening set of stakeholders—students, faculty, administrators, community groups, and state entities— in supporting internationalization as a means to advance common objectives.

Over 2,000 University of Georgia students -- nearly 6 percent of the student body – study abroad each year, selecting from over one hundred programs led by UGA faculty. The university has three year-round residential sites for study abroad in Costa Rica, Oxford, England, and Cortona, Italy. One in four graduating seniors has studied abroad for academic credit during their time at UGA. In 2009-2010, University of Georgia ranked 15th nationallyin the number of students studying abroad.

University of Georgia is also home to international students, scholars, and faculty from over one hundred countries. OIE facilitates their stay at UGA by providing centralized immigration and visa sponsorship services. Our goal is to contribute to UGA’s dynamic and intercultural learning environment and to ensure that UGA attracts the top talent for its worldwide research endeavors. Our office also develops UGA’s partnerships with foreign universitieswhich allow for a wide range of collaborative activities: joint research projects, faculty and student exchanges, study abroad programs, and seminars/workshops. Other international partners include foreign embassies and consulates, international corporations, and other international entities that advance UGA’s mission.

I am honored to lead the Office of International Education at this exciting time of higher education internationalization. Working in collaboration with students, faculty, administrators, and public and private sectors, and international partners, the Office of International Education is working to make University of Georgia a model for how internationalization can enrich and transform all aspects of the university’s mission.

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Associate Provost for International Education

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